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Hello world! May 25, 2012

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WordPress started this blog post for me, so I decided to keep the title “Hello world!” which seems to be an appropriate title to me. They told me to say why I am starting the blog, which seems like a good idea. It is also however, a difficult question. Truthfully, I am not sure why I started this blog. I don’t really expect people to be interested in my life or rants or anything else. I guess I just wanted to talk about myself. This seems narcissistic however. Maybe I just wanted to talk to myself. It seems that often talking to yourself is more helpful than talking to other people. But couldn’t I have just done that with a journal. Then it would be more private and I wouldn’t need to use proper grammar our avoid cursing. I’ve decided that I like this better partially for that reason — it raises expectations. With a journal I would not be able to as deeply express my feelings because I would not think about it. On here, the slightest possibility of someone else reading this makes me want to make sure it is up to par. The other reason why I think I decided to post on here is because of the slightest possibility of someone reading it. With a journal, there is no chance, and even if I do not expect people to want to read this, it would be amazing if someone did and it cheered them up or made them feel less alone or gave them a glimpse into another point of view and the glimmer of hope is enough I think.

WordPress also told me to say where I saw this blog going. For that, I don’t really know. I see myself posting my opinions in hopefully a somewhat entertaining way. I know I will post rants, but I guess my hope is that these rants will be well thought out and make sense, but make me feel better at the same time. That is all I know for sure right now, but I guess I can update this when I know for sure.

Now I decided to talk about my name on here. The 18 part simply came fromt the fact that silenceiscompliance was already a username so I had to add a number. Silence Is Compliance is a term used in debate basically where if your opponent does not refute your point, they automatically agree with it. However, I feel that in life this is a useful idea. If people don’t talk they cannot hope to make a change or let anyone know that they see a problem. By talking and expressing ourselves, we make it possible for changes to occur. Napolean Bonaparte, who I will admit was a terrible person but was an excellent leader, said “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent,” and I think he was spot on with this.